Merrie England – Floor rehearsal schedule sections

Section 1

1 Chorus With May Queen
2 Duet Long Tom and Big Ben with CHORUS

Libretto May Queen, Big Ben, Jill

3 Solo Jill with CHORUS

Libretto May Queen, Jill, Wilkins

4 Solo Wilkins with CHORUS

Libretto Long Tom, Raleigh, Big Ben, May Queen

5 Solo Raleigh with CHORUS

Libretto May Queen, Long Tom, Wilkins

Section 2 – Principals Only

7 Solo Bessie

Libretto  Bessie, Raleigh

 8  Duet Bessie and Raleigh

Libretto  Essex,  Simkins,  Raleigh

 9  Trio Wilkins,  Essex,  Simkins

Libretto  with no. 10

 21  Solo Raleigh

Libretto  (Tom*) Wilkins,  Raleigh,  Simkins

 23  Solo Bessie

Libretto  Jill, Rakleigh,  Bessie,  Essex

 24  Quartet Bessie

Libretto  Jill,  Essex,  Wilkins, Simkins ((Tom*, ELizabeth*) * not called for this section)

Libretto Raleigh and Jill prior to –

 19 Duet  Jill and Raleigh Libretto before 10

Section 3

10 Chorus with Jill Libretto  Ben, Tom,  Jill,  Bessie
11 Chorus Entry of Elizabeth
12 Solo Wlikins with CHORUS

Libretto  Bessie,  Raleigh,  Elizabeth,  Simkins,  Ben,  Wilkins

13 Solo Wilkins with CHORUS

Libretto  Elizabeth,  Wilkins,  Bessie

6 Quintet May Queen,  Kate,  Raleigh,  Long Tom

Section 4

15 Chorus with Jill

Libretto Ben, Tom, Jill, Bessie

16 Quartet Bessie, Jill, Tom, Ben with CHORUS

Libretto  Wilkins,  Simkins

18 Duet Wilkins and Simkins with CHORUS

Libretto  Bob,  Elizabth , Michael K  (Raleigh and Jill with 19)

20 Chorus with May Queen

Libretto  Raleigh,  May Queen

22  Ensemble Wilkins, Raleigh, Tomwith CHORUS

Libretto  Wilkins,  Raleigh,  Jill,  Bessie

27  Duet Wilkins and May Queen with CHORUS

Libretto Elizabeth, Essex, Ben, Simkins, Wilkins, Michael K, Bob, Jill, May Queen,Bessie, Raleigh

Section 5

14 Act I Finale
28 Act II Finale