May Rehersal Schedule for Merrie England

Principals please work hard at your parts as the time is short. Make sure libretto is with you to mark up. Any problems let Shirley know now please.

Date Section Applies to Details
1st Section 1 Principals Laxton Drive 7pm
6th Section 1 Chorus and Principals (no Kate) Folksworth 7.30pm
8th Section 4 Principals (no Kate) Liz’s Laxton Drive 7pm
13th Section 4 Chorus and Principals Folksworth 7.30pm
15th Section 3 Principals Laxton Drive 7pm
20th Section 3 Chorus and Principals (no Kate) Folksworth 7.30pm
22nd Section 2 Principals Laxton Drive 7pm
27th No rehersal
29th No rehersal

Laxton Drive is Kate’s unless stated.

Two venues to be confirmed.

More information on the rehersal sections can be found at Merrie England Floor Rehearsal Sections